Activities in and near Sugar Beach Resort …

Sugar Beach Resort

In addition to the workshop offerings and other included activities (see Schedule) there are several optional activities available for an extra cost.

Just a few steps away from your accommodations is the beach and the playful warm waves of the Pacific Ocean. Because Sugar Beach is in a bay, it does not have the dangerous rip tides that are often present on other beaches. As in all ocean settings, it is important to swim safely and always be with a partner. During low tide you can walk along the beach all the way to Potrero, a typical Costa Rican village that is nearby.

South of Sugar Beach is Pura VidaRide where you can rent: paddle boards, surf boards, boogie boards, snorkeling equipment, mountain bikes, kayaks and more. They also have a fun little restaurant there and they serve very tasty gelato.

We can also help you arrange hourly, half-day and full day tours near the Sugar Beach Resort, including: ocean kayaking, catamaran/sailing, snorkeling, zip-line canopy rides, ATV tours, horse-back riding, visiting a national park, surfing, scuba diving, sport-fishing, river-rafting and more.

When you register, let us know of your interests and we’ll provide you with pricing and schedules or you can wait until you arrive at Sugar Beach and make your decisions then.

Here are a few favorite activities to choose from:

Susann Zipline Canopy Tour – The site for the canopy tour is a vibrant green dry rainforest, where there are tall trees surrounding the area. Once we get there, the tour guides will get you ready for the ride of your life. After a short hike, we will come to the first platform, ready for instructions to start flying down the suspended cables. During the tour we will come across a walk bridge between two platforms, this is a truly exhilarating and exciting experience. If we are lucky, even the Howler Monkeys will be our company during a part of the canopy.

Labyrinth Experience – 

In sacred geometry, the vesica piscis is the passageway “from the one to the many”, the portal through which all forms and patterns of our universe are created. Since symbolism flows so deep within us, this figure is intended to allow us expansion, inspiration and spiritual self discovery.

This labyrinth has only one path which symbolizes our life’s journey and takes us inward guiding us to find out who we really are.

The information channeled by Sergio Salas was translated into the design of a labyrinth by Ronald Esquivel, an architect specialized in sacred geometry and labyrinth design.


Sailing/Catamaran Tours – Spend a half-day sailing the coastline, or enjoy the glorious spectacle of the sun sinking into

sailing-300x200the Pacific ocean. There are several sailboat and catamaran tours leaving from the nearby town of Flamingo, most offering food, drink and snorkeling along remote, pristine beaches. This is a great way to see the beautiful coastline, experience some remote beaches, and connect with other travellers.

Bird-watchers flock to Guanacaste to catch sight of the more than 400 species of birds, both resident and migratory, that live in the mangroves, wetlands, dry tropical forest, mountains and rainforest across the province. This rich diversity of habitats is what gives rise to the incredible density of species, making Guanacaste a true bird-watching paradise. From the elusive quetzal and the three-wattled bellbird, to the colorful scarlet macaw and king vulture, a good pair of binoculars and an upward gaze are all that are needed to feast the eyes.

bird watching

Tours are available through many reputable local agencies with guides who have grown up in these areas.

biking-300x200Mountain Biking – All BICYCLES are 21 speed and may be used both on and off road. Ideal for exploring the natural beauty of the Flamingo area. There are several trails in the area for you to explore that take you into some back country and scenic areas.

All rentals include helmet and water bottle. Orientations to both trails and general routes are available.

Scuba Diving – Guanacaste’s Pacific waters are also a mecca for diving , rewarding divers with plentiful sightings of manta rays, Scuba_diving-300x225reef sharks, sea turtles, whale sharks, seahorses, octopus, rays, eels and a myriad of brightly colored fish. Visible from the Hotel Sugar Beach are the Catalina Islands and Sombreros, which offer excellent diving year-round. North of the hotel, Ocotal Beach also offers excellent reef diving, a relative rarity on the Pacific side. Whichever dive you choose, you will be welcomed by the warm waters and native critters that live in this beautiful seascape.

Snorkeling also offers rich rewards in the warm coastal waters, which can reach crystal clarity, especially when there is no river runoff to stir up sediment. The southern point at Playa Pan de Azúcar, where the Hotel Sugar Beach is set, offers year-round sightings – among others – of colorful parrotfish, cornetfish, Moorish idols, snowflake eels, and seasonally octopus, spotted eagle rays, stingrays, and sea turtles. snorkeling-300x214 (1)

North of Hotel Sugar Beach lie several pristine beaches with small reefs and rocky points that are well worth exploring; some places are accessible only by boat or kayak. If you would like to explore these remote beaches, we can support you in making the connections to experienced locals.

Surfing is one of the most popular activities in Guanacaste, and there are several Surfing-300x225beaches both north and south of the Sugar Beach Hotel that offer breaks for the novice and experienced surfer alike. Playa Pan de Azúcar, where the hotel is located, has a small beach break that can reach overhead range on bigger south-westerly swells. Flamingo beach, just 15 minutes south, has a left point break at the south end and a beach break as well. Playa Grande, 40 minutes south, offers 7 kilometers of varying breaks for all levels of surfer, while Tamarindo beach, across the estuary (also a 40-minute drive from the hotel) is popular among beginners. Playas Avellanas and Negra, south of Tamarindo, welcome more advanced surfers. Witch’s Rock, north of the Sugar Beach Hotel, is accessible only by boat, which can be chartered for the day from both Tamarindo and Playas del Coco.

** The front desk at Sugar Beach offers boogie board rentals **

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