La Finca Paradiso

La Finca Paradiso is a family home that has evolved into a conscious community space for artists, creative thinkers and heart-centred souls looking to connect with greater peace and personal expression.

For our entire retreat we have taken over all of La Finca Paradiso, ensuring exclusive attention to our group for privacy, intimacy and a personalized service.

La Finca is an all-encompassing eco-retreat centre in a paradise setting, comprising of a collection of unique spaces each holding and nurturing their own energy. It has a glorious swimming pool, dining areas, indoor lounges and the opportunity to appreciate the natural wildlife and warm climate.

Located on a hilltop, La Finca overlooks the countryside, the distant Sierra Cabrera mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is approximately 7 miles from the stunning hilltop town of Mojacar, which sits above the golden beaches of its coastal resort (approx. 20-minutes’ drive). The region of Andalucia is known for its whitewash villages, Moorish architecture and is the home of flamenco, a traditional style of Spanish music, played especially on the guitar and accompanied by spirited, rhythmical dance and singing.

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The Gardens

Nestled on the edge of a valley in 33 acres of stunning landscaped gardens and open vistas, La Finca Paradiso is secluded and magical, with no light or sound pollution and a multitude of birds, tortoises and other wildlife.

The gardens have many individual and creative spaces such as the Round Terrace with its tall palms, vibrant hibiscus and incredible views of the sea and mountains. Then there is the Horse Garden where a large horse sculpture stands proudly amongst the Cyprus trees. The Citrus Orchard has a comfortable day bed surrounded by fragrant grapefruit, oranges and lemons and the lush Pool Garden has a vibrant green lawn and Madagascan Blue Palm. The Olive Grove feels ancient – the oldest specimen is over 1000 years old, and the grove supplies the estate with olive oil every year, much of which is used in the kitchen as well as bottled and sold or made into a variety of soaps.

The orchards have an abundance of native and tropical fruits, one of which is newly planted
with over 600 fruit and nut trees, including almond, peaches, guavas and figs to name but a few. There is also an extensive variety of salads, vegetables and herbs.

All areas of the gardens have their own unique feeling and are continually evolving. Here are some of the many hidden and beautiful spaces, which are ideal for quiet contemplation, small gatherings and appreciation of the natural surrounds:

The Witches Table–at the top of the property, this is a small and perfectly formed spot to be spellbound by the views

The Water Garden– waterlily pool fed by a delightful stream and inhabited by three larger than life ceramic structures, oval in shape, purportedly representing the three aspects of the feminine

The Cactus Garden– ancient three trunked tree, oozing wisdom and surrounded by a circular seating area in a truly natural setting

The Wishing Stone– rest your forehead on the wishing stone and see what the universe brings you

The Tiki Bar– outside bar, social area and BBQ space

The Hymer– exposed Moroccan tent for workshop sessions, morning Qi Gong and gatherings

The Healing Garden– on a plateau overlooking the estate with two healing rooms for a variety of treatments including massage, crystal healing, reflexology

The Amphitheatre– wonderful outdoor space for activities, movie screenings, dancing etc.

The Dojo– indoor yoga Shala

The Round Terrace– dining, drinking, chilling and chatting

The Pool Bar– at the front of the house, for lounging and relaxation

Surrounding Areas

Learn more about the surrounding area of La Finca Paradiso here.

La Finca Paradiso Dining

The resident chef, Katie Connolly, is a well-respected culinary magician who alchemizes the food from the organic gardens into delicious masterpieces.

While La Finca primarily specializes in organic and vegetarian cuisine, at least one meal per day will include responsibly sourced local fish or meat. Breakfast is a delectable selection of fruits, muesli, fresh cooked eggs etc. Lunch is buffet style and dinner is served at the table. Menus are created in advance and we can happily accommodate a range of dietary preferences.

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