A Sacred Gathering of Souls
Exploring Infinite Creation
Fueled by Joy

April 24 – April 29, 2022

Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard

Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia

Image by Rassouli

Let your heart sing and dance to the pulsation of the stars as a universal symphony to nourish and fill you to overflowing.

This is your time to explore creation through freedom, lightness of being and joy.

What a wonderful journey we took together. We gathered in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to bask in the expanse of this natural setting to replenish, renew and anchor in new beginnings for the next chapter in our lives.

The Blue Ridge mountains have a rich history of healing powers, from the warm mineral waters of Hot Springs, Georgia to the powerful purification ceremonies of the Cherokee Indians who inhabited the area. Nestled in the foothills of these mountains, Dahlonega is at the center of this remarkable vortex for healing transformation on our planet.

Learn more about the town of Dahlonega here:

This is your heart centered time to open portals to the new vistas blossoming in yourself.

  • Discover the deep peace that sparks the joy of being alive arriving within you.
  • Feel your true abundant nature being reborn.
  • Deepen the sacred knowing of your intuitive wisdom.
  • Awaken your blessed heart fire of inspiration.

This is transformation through joy at its finest!

The divine is calling you to explore greater creation for yourself at this time.

It may not seem practical or logical to your mind to take part in this brilliant container of rebirth, but it is safe now for you to follow the impulse of your being that brings you here. It is aligned with your destiny.

We will have five rejuvenating and profound days together.
With laughter, play, and a lightness of heart, we will create the experience of a lifetime.  

Come join us to expand your capacity to live
as we were designed – as the pure, powerful creators we are. 

Come join us to explore what it is to be Love exploring creation.

~ Brought to you by ~

Susann Taylor Shier

“It was a wonderful week full of adventure and new connections. We are all strong women who can do anything in this world we create. Here’s to creation!!!” ~ Lisa Gamble

“Thank you fabulous ladies for the many contributions you made. My heart feels so full and inspired.” ~ Conde Freeman

“Thank you Susann for creating the space for us all. I am so glad I went and thank you for helping me with the process of getting there. Love and blessings.” ~ Dr. Nahla Hatoum

“I looked around the circle in each woman’s eyes and I felt so connected, so open hearted. I felt seen and loved. And I realized, This has always been available to me.” ~ Judy

“Susann is a courageous, intuitive, fearless, and empathic leader, visionary and love focused counselor, always ready with an encouraging word or profound directive, eyes ever seeking out the prize of divine sovereignty which is the birthright of each of us who will step up and claim it. My appreciation and love for her are boundless! Thank you, Susann! Pura Vida forever!” ~ MC

“What a delicious and uplifting gift I gave myself! I highly recommend Susann’s retreat to people looking to expand their consciousness. Susann guided us on journeys to explore our consciousness and universe. She took us out of our mind into our heart which is the tricky part and which makes her so special.” ~ Catherine G.

“Susann provided the space for us to be our authentic selves. She was nurturing, accepting, and loving and allowed us to express ourselves in a safe and supportive environment.” ~ Tina M.