Spain 2019 Photos and Words of Gratitude

“I truly appreciate all the planning and energy and time it must have taken to facilitate this amazing retreat! Wonderful, restful, healing, and magical. Thank you.” ~ KM

“You are fabulous Susann and Nikki.” ~ CF

“It’s a fantastic retreat! Great location; good balance between activities and free time; nice qigong inspired exercise in the morning, and a fabulous group of people that were brought together.” ~ AS

“I have had a fabulous time at the retreat. I am so grateful to you for encouraging me to come, even when I was freaking out with fear!” ~ ZP

“My heart is truly opening up and that It will continue to do so, without the fear of being broken again. Thank you Nikki and Susann and myself for that!” ~ MK

“I am inspired by the magic portals that I feel are opening up for me.” ~ MS

“I feel I am on my path to understand/embody my Divine Feminine and this retreat is helping me feel into what this means for me.” ~ RK

“I am happy I came to this retreat and to this location. I have received so much more spiritual growth than I thought I would even though I did not have well defined expectations. I have a more elevated expanded consciousness of myself and others here.

To all the soul stars of this retreat:
Each one of you has shifted my heart and I thank you for seeing, hearing and loving me in my raw and vulnerable awkwardness. My desire is that by me growing deeper into heart I have also shifted you, and that you have a deeper love and appreciation for life, love and yourselves.” ~ DR