Many of you will arrive at Sugar Beach on Sunday, February 7.  If you wish to arrive earlier, please visit the GETTING THERE page or contact Susann directly.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll have a chance to settle in, swim in the pool, play in the ocean and soak up the beauty of your environment before you indulge in a delectable dinner. After dinner, Susann will begin with her introductory session.

Each morning you’ll have an opportunity to join a Qigong session and/or yoga session. You can also take an early morning walk on the beach before having a delicious breakfast in the open-air restaurant. In this area, the sunrises are vibrant and as the ocean and land critters awaken, you can feel the energy of life all around you.

Sugar Beach Sunset

This is your time, with Susann as your sacred guide and mentor, to come into an inner space to resource the depth and breadth of even more of the fullness of your inner revelation of self. We will create a living constellation to expand your capacity to receive and embody the richness of your soul, with love. This is truly a come as you are party as well as a sanctuary of deep replenishment and renewal. You are welcome here!

Our retreat adventure sessions will be filled with extensive wisdom, tremendous intuitive training, plus meditations, expansive soul journeys and much more!

Each day will have an overarching theme for the session content to carry with you throughout the day for your deepening exploration and direct application to ignite the joy and power within you.

Most afternoons will be filled with personal time. This retreat is for YOU and we want you to have space to revel in that deliciousness of being free to make choices in time and space that enrich your heart and soul and body.

Personal Time – During this time you may choose to play in the waves, swim in the pool, soak up a little sun, catch up on a little reading, go on a hike, connect with others, or just simply relax. If you wish, there is also a variety of massages and bodywork available at an additional cost.

Below is our general schedule for the week. Slight variations may be made to support each participant’s happiness and growth.

Sunday, February 7
Celebrate Your Arrival

Arrive at Sugar Beach ResortSugar Beach Walkway
Settle into your tropical space, swim in the pool, play in the ocean, relax and enjoy the peacefulness
6 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Introductory Session by Susann

Monday, February 8
Build the Foundation for Birthing the New You

Launch the new you! A new reality and new creation lies before you. Sugar Beach Dancing Group 2 2016

  • Heal and resolve what stands between you and birthing the ‘new you’ and your new life.
  • Get on track by deeply connecting to Spirit’s wealth for your precious life.
  • Discover how to become the conscious powerful creator of your experience.
  • Move forward with true direction and purpose as you get energized and excited about your life again

7:30 am – Qigong Movement/Meditation Session
8:30 am – Leisurely Breakfast
9:30 am – 11:30 am –Session with Susann – “Birth The New You”
Noon – Lunch
Afternoon – Personal Time
6 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Evening Session or Group Activity

Tuesday, February 9
Open Your Intuitive Connection, the Voice of Your Soul

Learn how to wholeheartedly trust your intuitive guidance system as your GPS for life.IMG_0467

  • Gain simple, profound methods to access your intuitive guidance to bring you clarity, direction, support and unconditional love.
  • Receive clear communication from your guides that you can trust.
  • Learn how to discern which messages are true and which are not.
  • Unblock the fear keeping you from trusting and using your intuition.
  • Practice manifesting from the level of your true purpose.
  • Experience clear direction in daily and lifelong choices.

7:30 am – Qigong Movement/Meditation Session
8:30 am – Leisurely Breakfast
9:30 am – 11:30 am – Session with Susann – “Develop Your Intuitive Skills”
Noon – Lunch
Afternoon Personal Time
6 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Evening Session or Group Activity

Wednesday, February 10
Explore the Beauty and Splendor of Costa RicaBeach Room view

7:30 am – Qigong Movement/Meditation Session
8:30 am – Leisurely Breakfast

A day of “Adventures.” This is your day to be with those in your soul family who are with you on this glorious retreat adventure in the way that feels true for you. You may wish to explore in a large group or in subgroups that we will help coordinate according to your preferences for activities, or simply be with those you came with.

As an optional activity, we will be visiting La Senda, home of the world’s largest labyrinth. We will have the opportunity to walk the labyrinth and experience its magical, transformational properties and enjoy an exquisite, organic farm to table dinner.  La Senda is located in a blue zone, one of the few areas around the world known for longevity. We get to experience the potent life force energy present at La Senda through the food, the labyrinth and by simply being there. (See more on the Activities page)

6 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Evening Session or Group Activity

Thursday, February 11
Living An Extraordinary Life 

Susann-CR-2016-Jumping-Group-300x169Connect to the Field of Infinite Possibilities Where Success and Abundance Dwells. Follow This Path to Your Unique Bliss …

  • Gain sacred entrance to the potency of Spirit.
  • Resource infinite Love even while you are navigating big emotions and hard situations…
  • Experience the ecstasy of creating from the realm of joy and freedom.
  • Live from the knowing that anything is possible – that is true power and liberation.
  • Magnetize a strong relationship with abundance and wealth at every level.

7:30 am – Qigong Movement/Meditation Session
8:30 am – Leisurely Breakfast
9:30 am – 11:30 am – Session with Susann – “Creating from Infinite Possibilities”
Noon – Lunch
Afternoon – We will either adventure to a beautiful waterfall or go to the town of Tamarindo, a bustling little surf town with lots of shopping opportunities, the beach and restaurants, or Pura Vidaride where we can snorkel, rent kayaks and have the best gelato in Costa Rica. We will decide as a group what we most want to create together.

6 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Evening Session or Group Activity

Friday, February 12
Come Home to Your Magnificent Self

Feel revitalized and inspired, experience the joy of “being” with your heart and soul opening to the infinite possibilities within the radiance vortex of YOU.SB Dining

  • Experience the joy of knowing how to bring the amazing gifts you have into your world with ease and grace.
  • Prosper in your new-found connection to Spirit’s wealth.
  • Create a road map to bring forth what’s blossomed within you.
  • Cultivate a healthy and joyful approach to body, soul and life.
  • Celebrate your beautiful, powerful and abundant self!

7:30 am – Qigong Movement/Meditation Session
8:30 am – Leisurely Breakfast
9:30 am – 11:30 am Session with Susann – “Come Home to Your Magnificent Self”
Noon – Lunch
Afternoon – Personal Time
6 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Festive Gathering

Saturday, February 13
Our Closure and Farewell sugar beach sunset

This is our last day together as a group – for now.

Breakfast will be followed by our concluding ceremony.

Transportation will be provided to the airport in Liberia, whether you leave Saturday or stay longer.

If you wish to extend your stay, let us know and we can support you with the logistics in doing so.

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Each moment that we ignite our life from our heart and Soul, we are aligned with our Soul’s purpose and inherent intuitive nature. As simple as it sounds, accessing the gifts of our Soul is the greatest offering we each can make to return the world to its original Blueprint based on Love. ~ Susann Taylor Shier

“Everything was organized so completely that it took all the anxiety out of traveling to Sugar Beach. We were urged all to ask about any issues we might have concerning our travel/experience, etc.. The food at Sugar Beach was fantastic! The session work with Susann Shier was profound for me and I leave with clarity, a feeling of marvelous anticipation for what is ahead, and resilience.”

Joan L.

“My week in Costa Rica began with a feeling of complete openness to absorbing all I could from the glorious seting we were in, the camaraderie of old friends, the joy of making new friends, and all I could learn through Susann’s workshop on intuition and the wonder of infinite possibilities.”


“Understanding your soul’s purpose and identity gives an instant awareness of the “why” of the choices and events of your life, and the first session with Susann gives instant recognition in an amazing wave of remembrance. Suddenly it all makes sense. You then move forward in your life with a wonderful sense of purpose, completeness, peace, and joy.”


“Susann has given me the tools to unlock my potential in this lifetime and for that I will forever be grateful.”