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Living an Extraordinary Life
Retreat Adventure
Sugar Beach 2020

“Every time I come here I feel that I receive so much more than I give. Then, others tell me they have received from me! What a gift! The strides I make in becoming more of me seem to occur much faster here. Being a part of this group is such an honor and so precious to me. Without this, I am me. With this experience, I am more of me!” ~ Jolinda E.

“The soul radiance retreat is just that – radiant souls co-creating in this place of Pura Vida. Each year I come is different and each time I think it couldn’t be better than is. Thank you, Susann, for being bringing forth this opportunity for us all! Our luminous hearts have felt the flow of miracles.” ~ JR

“There is always some major breakthrough that occurs at Susann’s retreat. I have been coming all six years to Costa Rica. This year, I was wondering what would come to my awareness. “Boom” – it was with no warning – wow! My armor came down, literally and spiritually. I opened to my true feminine and masculine selves and they are there in supporting in restoring balance. This yin and yang became more activated throughout the whole retreat and are working in union! Thank you, Susann!” ~ CG

“It’s safe to go home and be all of me!” ~ SI

“I have experiencing so many moments of joy and delight here in Costa Rica, surrounded by like-minded souls and the singular environment of paradise that is Costa Rica – especially there at Sugar Beach Resort. The opportunity to cultivate and dwell in my divine sovereignty, to savor and practice that experience every day while there is precious, as though It was a ‘dress rehearsal” for when I return home. The underpinning of divine connection and guidance and my trust in operating from that powerful place to my deep center is palpable. I am home!” ~ MC

“Susann is a courageous, intuitive, fearless, and empathic leader, visionary and love focused counselor, always ready with an encouraging word or profound directive, eyes ever seeking out the prize of divine sovereignty which is the birthright of each of us who will step up and claim it. My appreciation and love for her are boundless! Thank you, Susann! Pura Vida forever!” ~ MC

Create From Infinite Possibilities!
Retreat Adventure
Sugar Beach 2019

This week embodied the Living Constellation of Joy.
Feel the joy in the words and pictures below.

“This has been a transformational experience of depth, light and love.  The power and joy of creation is alive, awake, and loving. Words can capture only a part of what has happened by being here with these beautiful women. My heart is full. Thank you, Susann.” ~ Jackie R.

“Awwwww!! Well you’ve done it again!! Thank you for painting on the canvas of my heart with your brush and for creating such an awesome container for the experiences we co created beyond the beyond!” ~ Sally

“This incredible time of retreat was profound in ways that I cannot express or understand with my mind. Huge upgrade in my life. The nectar, the love my soul received – I am elated. I feel as if I have given birth – birth to who I am – a person who knows now what energy feels like. I used to think I could not feel energy. Can’t say that any more! I feel like a new me – the one. I came feeling a hole in my heart. There is no longer a hole. It is filled.” ~ Jolinda

“Thank you for a spectacular week – beyond the beyond in terms of blessings, connections and moments of pure bliss. I loved the community and the sense of our progress enhanced by being together. Powerful stuff!” ~ Mary

Beautiful comments shared during our time together.

“It was a Spiritual Home Coming.”

“There were so many special moments with Susann and the BEAUTIFULLY LOVING women who were magnificently  a part of this retreat. Sharing myself and receiving the splendid diversity of each one’s soul signature has also opened me to a newness in wanting to be seen and be a part of a community again.  My heart is so filled with love for each of these majestic souls.” ❤️

“I FEEL so much love for me and my life here!!  What a JOY!!!”

“This connection to home has opened me to feel the warmest sense of WELL BEING, I feel it deeply touching and nourishing every part of me.  I am so in love with me and all of life!!”

“I feel safe here now, I feel completely supported—there is a peace and relaxation that has come from this”.

“I feel free to explore and allow myself to be seen now. This feels so playful to me!”

“I have an expanded relationship with my guides….the intimacy of communing that I feel can’t be described with words.”

“For the first time, I feel creation coming from ‘my heart’…..creation flowing as the expression of ME. It has always felt as though I was living from a reaction to whatever was going on around me.”

“Susann’s way of sharing gives you templates that you take with you when you leave….enabling you to effortlessly continue on your own. We practice it enough during our time together so that you walk away already ‘living’ it.”

“As I said yes to going to Costa Rica….being a part of a group was a BIG stress for me. The women who were a part of this retreat are magnificent. I saw splendid diversity of beauty in each and every one. Each woman was a unique and dearly special flavour, which created an atmosphere that was beyond extraordinary. It was a love filled and supportive experience …filled with so much fun and laughter.”

Creating From Infinite Possibilities”
Retreat Adventure
Sugar Beach 2018

Spectacular was our word for the week!
Let the pictures and the words of love and joy speak their magic to you.

“Well that was an incredible ride, thank you one and all. It was effortless, love-filled, joyful and packed with multi-dimensional events that have left me in a whole new state of being. I will honour that forever. To a wonderful week of keeping the love alive and thriving ❤ ❤ ❤ And to the magic of Costa Rica, what a gift. Pura Vida. Susann – thank you, you are the Queen of magical inspiration.” ~ NG

“Yes yes yes…I am holding the magic and the beautiful expansive energy of all my star sisters (and brothers) as I reenter my world of sacred creation. Thank you for continuing to inspire and hold space for us Susann!! So deeply grateful and appreciative of all our connection. With deepest love.” ~ SI

“I am reflecting on my experience in Costa Rica which can be summed up by the name of our group –  Estrellas Infinitas – Infinite Starlight.  One member likened us to a constellation which also gets to the belly of what I experienced.  Each one of us was a bright shining star – wondrously competent, strong and richly vibrant, forming such a sweet cosmic song that bounced, swirled and danced as we shared, as we received and interacted with the many delights that Susann gave to us and that we gave to each other in our interactions, sharing and communications.  The fresh fish was delightful, the sunsets divine and the constant ebb and flow of the ocean created a surround sound of Life expressing.  What a beautiful piece of living art the ocean is!” ~ SH

“So many things stood out for me on this trip.  One of them that stands out the most is the point Susann made about this: “Spirit wants to move heaven and earth to assist you on your journey”.  I find this so comforting, so loving, so connecting and so unifying with All that Is.  It makes me feel loved and taken care of.  I finally feel like I can relax and trust. Thank you, Susann for encouraging me to go on this magical trip.  I almost talked myself out of it and I am so glad I didn’t succeed.” ~ SH

This is Kay, the praying mantis whisperer. one evening.

“My week at Sugar Beach was filled with the magic of unconditional Love, sacred connection, & a Peace I have longed for millennia! Our hearts beat as One, & I have taken all of my Soul Sisters home with me…I will carry them with me forever in my heart. Susann’s gift of guided journeying took me  to the Pillars of Creation where I met my Celtic Guardians who cacooned me with their Celestial Song & enveloped me in Heavenly Light. I remain filled with wonder, awe, & tears of gratitude. Blessings upon my Soul Family that I connected to in Costa Rica…I shall never forget!” ~ MS

“What a fabulous week of Divine everything. I loved getting to know, and creating magic & love with each and every one of you. Our time together was unimaginably abundant! Nothing but gratitude.” ~ AA

“This week I opened to all I needed and received beyond all expectations. I was transported over and over in groups, in the ocean, with friends, into magnificent, magical, transcendental states of joy, peace, and knowing what is true. At the same time I was fully present to and basking in the richness of the abundance in nature (the sky, the clouds, the sunset, the jungle, the animals), playing like a child in the ocean with friends, enjoying food lovingly prepared and served with attention to my desires. I connected deeply with ancient and present soul companions.” ~ SI

“Thank you for bringing me to a place where I have experienced abundance, connection, and joy on spiritual,  mental, emotional, and physical levels. You have brought me to the place within that I have sought all my life. You have brought my soul sisters and brothers close for me to feel fully expanded love and light – who we truly are. You have shown me I can laugh and play like a child. I know now all is available to me always. Belonging and connection have filled up my being to overflowing fullness and joy! Hola Guides, God, and all Divine beings of light and love!” ~ SI

Many Costa Rican animal friends were drawn to our energy and they were so fun to be with!

“No one brings it like you do. What an incredible gathering you create for us each year, I can’t describe the depth and beauty of this togetherness as we swirl in the vortex of Sugar Beach. Such a love, such fondness and deep, deep joy. It speaks volumes for what you do and who you are and I so appreciate you. Thank you.” ~ NG

“The Sugar Beach retreat is not a place or event, it is a state of being, brought soulfully forward by everyone, without exception. I am filled with such love and joy for this experience, my heart sings with every memory and I smile at all the incredible laughs we had together. Personally, it was a moving experience of universal happenings that came thick and fast and to be held in the circle of love of the infinite stars, our living constellation made it even more special and profound. This Pura Vida extravaganza has a permanent influence on the quality of my life. Susann you rock!” ~ GN

Costa Rica Invocation

Dearest, most beloved, beings of the highest light and love,

You are welcome here. All of you. Thank you for assisting each of us to be here. We invite you to help us make this the most expansive, beautiful, joyous, heart opening gathering ever. We have traveled great distances to be here and have waited forever to gather in this particular way. We are here in fertile ground where the veils are thin and out of this world resources are readily available for us to use and embody, simply by us opening up to them and inviting them in. We are here to create the world that we wish to live in, operating from exquisite love and joy.

You know who else is welcome here? Me. The capital M Me. All of our individual capital M Me’s. All of those aspects of Me that have been patiently waiting to part of this magical journey. Those aspects of Me that I have been longing to be. You are welcome here. All of you.

This leadership conference is an opportunity for each of us to shine even brighter. To allow our individual aspects of love, of brilliant opulence to fuel the living constellation that we have created as only we can. As we sparkle brighter, we will easily and effortlessly melt any lingering aspects of separation, at its source, by embracing more of the pure aspects of source that we are. We delight in knowing that this will ripple through the cosmos and invite others to open up to their magnificent selves. We welcome all of are friends, families and all open hearts that are ready to receive the unimaginable gifts of our living constellation.

Thank you to our galactic tour guide Susann for all the effort and love that she poured into this creation to bring it into form. I am honored to be a part of this magnificent event, made so spectacular by each of you present today, each in your own flavor of brilliance.

Our 2017 “Living an Extraordinary Life”
Adventure Retreat was Stupendous!

It was OVER THE TOP ~ full of joy, laughter, adventure and transformation.

We are so happy to share the wealth with you.

I trust the video, pictures and words of delight expressed on this page give you a feel for how this collective of extraordinary women, (including male assistance) honored our jubilant and sacred creations.

Let yourself feel the glorious nature of what is possible for you!

We had the most profound experience at the world’s largest labyrinth, giggled like children boogie boarding and playing in the perfect ocean bay of Sugar Beach.

We also felt the deep blessing of communing with souls who love what we love.

We were transformed forever by the inspiration and upliftment of our times of sacred, world-changing sessions.

This was and is Love at its finest.

Enjoy the fruits of our creation …

    * The video below was created by one of our amazing participants, Joyce Lan! *

“Thank you for creating such a magical and enchanting masters gathering. I feel I am still at the Pura Vida Lalaland and will last for a long time, just simply beautiful!” – JL


Thank you so much for helping me to connect to my larger soul family in physical and nonphysical form and helping me work through my soul wounds. I cannot express what an integral part this has played in me knowing and embodying my multidimensional wholeness. I am feeling an unstoppable, expansive, multilayered, ultra-connected creative force building within me, and I can’t wait to see how I get to bring this extraordinary love into form.” – JE


The retreat was unforgettably nourishing and transformational in so many ways: the intimate time with Susann and the other participants was invaluable in cultivating my self-trust and deepening in my trust of others; playing in the sun-glistening ocean during the day and listening to the sound of the sea as I slept at night was sensational; basking in the light of the full moon on the beach in ceremony with the group was thrilling; receiving the loving service of the staff at The Hotel Sugar Beach and enjoying its delicious food daily was amazing; and experiencing the kindness of the Costa Rican people we met on our excursions to the waterfall, labyrinth and other sites, touched my heart deeply. I am so grateful for the many gifts of the retreat and for the opportunity to experience and embody living “the extraordinary life.” – SR


I am so grateful to come back to the love that I am and the gifts that I am as love in the midst of the continual gifts of the nature of love that Costa Rica exudes.” – CE


As I move into life at home, I am so full with all of my new connectedness and my deep love for each of you! Thank you all for making the journey so magnificent and full of joy!I so appreciate our cosmic tour guide! Blessings of laughter and joy sweet soul family!


“This time lives in me as a self-knowing and a reminder that every bit of love and support I have sought outside myself is actually within me, in all its multiplicity and power.


“What came through Susann and the group was like nothing I have ever experienced. Stupendous was the word that kept coming to me. This time made my new template for living easy. It CAN be extraordinary. Seriously, the sunsets were breathtaking. Sugar beach is a paradise and I got to drink from the well of LOVE for a whole week. One of the phrases I hold near and dear now. It is safe for me to be alive in all parts of me. Wow! And the labyrinth we walked was the most out of this world time I have ever had. I would be happy to do that again, and again, and again.”

“This retreat provided a rare opportunity for me to rest and recharge in a spirit of friendship and adventure. It was a time of growth and fun in an breathtaking setting; Costa Rica is magical. The excursions to the waterfall and the labyrinth, the sunsets, and boogie boarding in the ocean were all amazing. I am very grateful for this extraordinary experience.” – ZP

“It was so effortless to do all we did together that was indeed extraordinary because we were hosted by such a phenomenal setting. I t is a sacred site available to bring forth so much in a fun and playful way. Everyone was amazing! It felt natural and safe to express our hearts and ourselves and we felt so supported and loved.” – JD


Amazing trip! I felt so full of life, and light and love. The big thing for me is how can I integrate all of this? I found that so much of what I brought in on the trip I have been able to take with me now all the time. Particularly the energy of the labyrinth was so palpable. I can pull up that sensation and used it in my acupuncture practice. I received so much I can definitely use! Thank you everyone. – CF


What a privilege to be with my soul family. Profound. I have done the retreat three times and I will be there next year! – CG

The people on the trip are such bright lights. To experience their brilliance allowed me to come into my being on a whole new level. Because of our sessions holding the depth of Love and the power of beingness in the midst of the chaos is now a metaphor for life. The profound experiences there will live with me forever. I have such gratitude for all of you who have played a spectacular part in my soul’s purpose. – JE

I feel a fountain of gratitude flowing for we were one with nature, the cosmic rhythms and ourselves. We felt the bounty of the care provided for all of us – by staff and all in the community. Part of the wonder of being in such a retreat as this is that life is continually outdoors. The environment allowed us to unwind from our worlds and relax into a place of joy of true being. I feel spiritually charged to continue to active the field of magic and miracles we filled ourselves with, and is now spilling over into our worlds as the beauty of being. – BF


Susann, I was so impressed with your facilitation to draw forth the deep wisdom and hearts of the women being expressed in such an immediate way. I have so much respect for the women and the beauty they brought that was sacred and flowing, in a setting of paradise. I feel like the safety of the setting and space provided created a depth and beauty that characterized the time for me. I will continue this in my life. – JF