A Joyful Gathering of Souls
Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening
Illuminate Your Soul Gifts
Ignite Your Intuitive Mastery

Saturday, April 1 – Thursday, April 6, 2023
Sedona, Arizona

We will have five rejuvenating and profound days together!

Photo by Rassouli

  • Push the reset button of life and heal your soul
  • Deepen your soul purpose
  • Relax, renew, and call forth your joy
  • Pamper yourself and your senses
  • Reawaken your sense of adventure
  • Rekindle your love for life itself

It’s never too late to fall in love with your life. ~ Waylon Lewis

Each of our Soul Radiance Retreats is a completely immersive experience for those who know their spirit is asking for a sacred place in which it can be nurtured, held, and seen for the unique, beautiful being you are.

Come home to feeling genuinely seen and understood; loved and supported.

Open your intuitive wisdom and explore what is truly possible for your journey from this moment forward.

Learn how to truly take care of yourself by allowing us to fully take care of you!

You are being called to more.

More divinity. More Love. More creation.

There is no limit to what is being offered and what can be received.

We welcome you to a cosmic celebration of mastery, a gathering of heart centered souls desiring an embodied experience of our true selves as the essence of the Divine we are. 

Supported by the powerful vortices and the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, we will create a magical, living constellation of expansive light and multidimensional love.  In this setting, we will discover new aspects of the rich gifts of our inner and outer universes and new facets of our unique expressions of multidimensional brilliance. We embrace and embody these newfound treasures with great joy and delight, and birth new radiant ways of being. 

When you embody these all-powerful essences, they become accessible and usable in your physical world.  Your extra-ordinary powers of creation and out of this world abilities are unleashed and available.

You will be more inspired and motivated by the pure desires of your heart.  

You will be fueled by the infinite capacity of source. 

You will discover how to fulfill the mission of your soul.

You will be with your soul tribe – those who know, honor, and love you
as the remarkable being that you are.  

We will have five rejuvenating and profound days together.
With laughter, play, and a lightness of heart, we will create the experience of a lifetime.  

During our retreat, we will:

  • Easily open access to our higher dimensional states
  • Bring the remarkable nature of our Divinity into our physical capacity of expression 
  • Explore the sacred Sedona grids of light- the vortices- purifying, activating, and upshifting our experience 
  • Discover the magic of practical Divinity – the art of being our expanded selves and using our extraordinary powers in daily life. 

Come join us to expand your capacity to live as we were designed – as the pure, powerful creators we are. 

Come join us to be your embodied Divinity. 

Capturing the essence in words of truly being seen and celebrated at a human and soul level in the magnificence of Sedona in retreat is difficult. Sedona’s incredible beauty and transformative ancient energy only enhance the shifts that will take place within. Releasing and transforming while laughing and blooming is such a powerful, lighthearted and joyful journey with Susann. Saying yes to this treat will propel you forward, along your heart filled path, towards your souls deepest call. Thank you all!” ~ Amanda Madala 

You are a being of Light
You are pure divinity
You are a universal gift of sacred creation
You are joyously fulfilled

Brought to you by Susann Taylor Shier

Many thanks for orchestrating the so, so abundant riches of the Sedona time together! You so masterfully collected us, guided, collaborated, deliciously fed, and celebrated the time together. What joy to be included and to feel so loved and supported and heard. Our constellation as always one of my happy places, for sure. Thank you for sharing so much and so deeply . You’ve inspired so many and make it look and feel like delicious cake! Thanks for all you do and ARE for me.“ ~ Mary